Most prominent companies in the world are hiring for crypto positions

Written by on January 27, 2022


As the demand for crypto grows, so does the development of the industry, resulting in widespread adoption by countries, businesses, companies, and people. This created a gap in the industry for crypto positions and openings.

As a result, numerous well-known multinational corporations have recently advertised employment openings in the crypto industry. Meta, Reddit, Visa, Apple, Nike, JPMorgan, Walmart, Amazon, and Fidelity are among the firms with employment openings in the crypto industry.

For example, Meta is looking for someone who can integrate cryptocurrency and payments, and Walmart is darting for senior crypto specialists, among other things.

  • Amazon
  • Meta
  • Reddit
  • Visa

What does this mean for job seekers?

During last year’s epidemic, urban India’s jobless rate soared to around 20%. In 2022, the global unemployment rate is expected to reach 207 million people, says the ILO reports. Closed stores, offices, a shortage of labour, and other factors contributed to the high figures. On the other hand, the crypto market was left off the list of donors.

The crypto market, which has experienced market booms practically every three months, has remained one of the few industries that have stayed unaffected. Instead, it exploded, even on a worldwide scale. When an industry boom, a rise in demand follows suit, resulting in more sumptuous employment, i.e. jobs. In India, crypto careers have experienced a lot of success and growth.

Various openings are available for crypto positions globally. These include roles of community manager, client relations, crypto content writer, events manager, country manager, translators, exchange manager, crypto market analyst, blockchain developer, chief technology officer. Etc.

The rising adoption of crypto by different countries and the spiking interest by individuals created a boom for the cryptocurrency market. From being speculative around crypto claiming that it’s unsafe, people have educated themselves to understand the importance and potential of crypto.

Many startups are emerging, including crypto exchanges and crypto news and advertisement platforms. All these companies are hiring for various roles, which can be found through a simple Google search, Linkedin, or Naukri. Crypto provides a better opportunity for investors and seekers who are willing to do research and self educate themselves about this potential technology.

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