Lucky Daye Dishes On Second Studio Album: “I’m Still About Real Music.”

Written by on November 20, 2021

The first single from the project, “Over,” released in September.

“I’m excited to start this new wave,” Lucky Daye tells VIBE backstage at Day N Vegas music festival. The R&B singer was eager to discuss his artistry as he stood in a small media tent.  

The 36-year-old has slowly risen in ranks among mainstream R&B performers after years of working in the music industry, first establishing himself as a songwriter and background vocalist in 2008. Daye released his first EP, I, in 2018, and his second EP, II, the following year just ahead of his acclaimed debut LP, Painted. The album earned the New Orleans native four Grammy nominations. Since its release, he’s dropped a string of singles, guest appearances, and EPs, but now, it is time for another album. 

Read our conversation with Lucky Daye below about the project, due in 2022, and check out the project’s first single “Over,” which features a music video starring Jordyn Woods. 

VIBE:  What can you tell us about the album?  

Lucky Daye: I might have [Lil] Durk on the album, I might have Smino on the album, I might have Alicia Keys on the album. And my dog Chile, who is amazing. I keep it underground. I don’t really follow the trends like that. I will eventually but right now, I’m still about real music… I don’t follow the clout. 

How do you go about working with such a variety of artists?  

I feel like I’m flexible. I get in the studio [and] I write my songs based on the vibe.  I could write a song and then give it to somebody that’s gonna do it, and if they switch it up, and I think I can make it better around what they did then, that’s easy for me. I’m pretty self-sufficient, and I’m a true artist so there’s no limit.  

With this sophomore album dropping next year, how have you grown since Painted? 

Oh my gosh, tremendously. I’ve grown in a way where I’m not thinking about myself when I’m doing my music anymore. I’m thinking about the people that actually saved me from quitting. The people that listen to my music, and who share my music. I’m doing it for them. And, I’m doing it for all of black motherf**kers that I know that need to come up out of the godd**n brainwash and get to another level, a higher level in life. We gotta just smile, and be where we gon’ be, and stop complaining, and just go up. Not talk about it, be about it, you heard me?! 

And how do you go about accomplishing that artistically?  

I do that by giving people things that they forgot to feel. People get so distracted working, trying to get money, trying to do everything, that they forget relationships are relationships. You gotta take time to do that. You gotta cry sometimes, you gotta laugh sometimes. Sometimes you gotta slow down and smell the flowers… dance. Take that “me” time and “self” time. Take care of the people that love you. 

What would you say about the state of R&B? 

R&B is doing just fine. R&B is the foundation of all of this music, so at the end of the day, you got to always go back to the roots.  

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