Jayda Cheaves Details Being Detained In Jamaica Earlier This Year: “I Was Honestly Shaking In My Boots”

Written by on December 5, 2021

Jayda Cheaves always takes the time to give her supporters a glimpse of her personal life. Whether it’s uploading a video on TikTok showing off her fun personality, vlogging on YouTube, or going live on Instagram, the 24-year-old isn’t afraid to put folks in her business. Today she went live doing a Q&A on Instagram where she answered several questions about her previous relationship and past legal issues.

Jayda brought a young lady on live with her who didn’t hesitate to ask her why she’s no longer in a relationship with Lil Baby, the father of her son, Loyal Armani. “Why you and Baby ain’t together,” the girl asked. “See, I said don’t ask about nobody in particular,” Jayda responded. Although she reiterated she didn’t want to answer those questions, she did answer by stating that time tells everything and that some people outgrow each other, which is a part of life. 

The Savannah, GA native wasn’t finished opening up. She answered another question about being detained in Jamaica. If you recall, Jayda, Greg, Shane Justin, and others visited the country in September for her birthday and were met with trouble while trying to return to the United States. Jayda and Greg were detained for illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition and fined $800,000 JMD, a little less than $5,400 in U.S. dollars.

Jayda explained that during that time, she was scared and didn’t think she was going to jail until they put her in the back of the police car. Jayda said, “I was offering them, people, everything. I’m like, “‘ya’ll can have my watch, ya’ll can have my chain,’” in exchange for letting her go. Before she finished sharing her story, the influencer revealed the large bag she dropped for her lawyer to take care of her legal issues. Jayda said she wired her lawyer $50,000. However, everything was settled for $5,000. Jayda said she took an “L” and was only refunded $4K. Jayda ended the story in good spirits and said she would return to the country in the future!

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