Jason Vukovich, the ‘Alaskan Avenger’, smiles at his brother after being sentenced to 28 years in prison. Vukovich used the local sex offender registry to target his victims, assaulting and robbing them. Both Vukovich and his brother were sexually abused as children.

Written by on December 5, 2021

I once knew a guy who had just gotten out of jail for killing the guys who raped his sister. In telling the story, I was surprised that no one in his family would talk to him. For his family, he was a monster.

Not only did his sister have this horrible thing happen to her, but she also then Had to deal with the trauma of her brother being a murderer, and not being there for her.

This is not at all the result I expected. I might not have gotten the full story of course, but it still gave me a lot to think about, definitely changed my perspective

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