Future Marketing Aims to Make All-Out Effort in TikTok in the Future

Written by on August 19, 2022

Future Marketing is not alienated from the digital marketing world. The founder, Jason Lim is very pleased to continue serving clients to boost their revenue through digital marketing efforts. For this year, the founder aims to be the best marketing agency for all Malaysian companies.

Future Marketing is a digital marketing agency that offers social media advertising, improves business results, and rakes up a business’s ROI. Their social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, and the newly revolutionized TikTok are the main platforms used by the agency. Other than that, the agency also offers content marketing and US media news distribution for brand exposure.

For more information, please log onto https://futuremarketingjb.com/

Due to the fast technological advancements in digital marketing, Future Marketing pledged to make an all-out effort on the TikTok platform. Jason Lim said “Tiktok is the fastest growing social media platform with a record of 1 billion users in just 4.9 years. This enormous figure had been appealing as the king of social media, Facebook only managed to surpass the 1 billion users

mark in just 8.7 years”

The founder believes that making this effort allows their business to grow exponentially. Throughout their sales analysis, once their clients achieve their business goals together with Future Marketing, that marks a great achievement for the agency as well.

For more information, please log onto https://futuremarketingjb.com/

Among notable achievements by the agency was helping a small business rake sales with more than RM300,000 per month. It is believed that figure only cost RM3,000 for the marketing effort to spark in the first month. More than 100% profitable margin was achieved by the services provided.

Other than that, one of their clients, Betadia, the leading investment insurance platform in the world stated that the agency had helped them rake up their businesses. Betadia’s founder said “We aim to conquer Asia’s market with our innovative model. Future Marketing is the right agency that we approach to align with our vision and mission. Our partnerships had been fruitful for this year and with the proactive move to a new social media channel, we believe our partnership will grow larger and better with them”

For more information, please log onto https://futuremarketingjb.com/

Betadia is one of the 2,000 retailers and brands partnered with the agency. Among categories that had been partnered with Future Agency are stationery brands, vacation rentals, and platform providers. With a total of more than 57 million sales generated, it was recorded as the highest achievement for a digital marketing agency. Moreover, it recorded a sky-high 79% conversion rate for any advertising managed by the agency.

The founder said, “It was a huge milestone for a digital marketing agency based in Johor Bahru, We are looking forward to the new exploration in other opportunities and maintaining our services to the next level as well”

Future Marketing is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2020. The agency operated in Johor Bahru and accommodates clients from all over the world. For inquiries, log onto https://futuremarketingjb.com/ 

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