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By Martin Schray The releases of the Lithuanian NoBusiness label are often reviewed on our site. The reason is their reliable quality, the program of the label is varied, yet focused. Apart from new releases, they’ve been digging and reissuing old or previously unreleased music of the New York loft scene era in the 1970s […]

Two drummers, two generations. Hamid Drake began recording with Fred Anderson’s quintet, as Hank Drake, at the Moers Festival of 1978. From that point he’s been one of the preeminent free jazz percussionists on demand throughout the world. Tim Daisy’s first recording was in 1999 with Triage, a trio with saxophonist Dave Rempis and bassist […]

By Olle Lawson “The Coandă Effect is the tendency of a stream of liquid – or air – to stay attached to a convex surface . The jet keeps the object some distance from the exhaust and gravity prevents it from being blown away. Recorded live at the Sultan Room, Brooklyn, last autumn altoist Tim […]

By Eyal Hareuveni The Canadian, Vancouver-based guitarist and oud player Gordon Grdina know that making art is a political act, especially in today’s world dominated by xenophobic and white supremacist leaders. This musical-political act becomes even more important when your art draws inspiration from one of the Muslim world and Middle-Eastern ancient musical traditions and […]

By Nick Ostrum Oudist and guitarist Gordon Grdina spanned the new year with three releases that caught my ear. So, here is a second compendium of Grdina’s recent work to complement Eyal’s from September 2018. Apparently, it is about time. (Editor’s note: Eyal will be catching up again, tomorrow!) Matthew Shipp, Mark Helias, and Gordon […]

By Sammy Stein Threadbare are a trio of Chicago musicians comprising Jason Stein on bass clarinet, Ben Cruz on guitar and Emerson Hunton on drums. Stein has enjoyed a long career as an avant-bass clarinetist in Chicago, as well as a string of releases spread across different projects, including playing with Ivo Perelman on ‘Spiritual […]

The Few, a trio from Chicago, released Beauty at Low Temperatures last Autumn. The CD was swept atop my piles of music over the winter, where it stared it at me expectantly for months. Then, a rather random post on Facebook following the meme of “post the cover of an album each day that has […]

By Nick Ostrum A vinyl and digital album, Today is Better than Tomorrow is a collection of two live sessions. The first, track one and side A, is performed by the tentet and was recorded at the International Jazz Festival Saalfelden in 2013. The second, both tracks on side b, were recorded by the nonet […]

Patty Waters – Live (Blank Forms Editions, 2019) *****Patty Waters – An Evening in Houston (Clean Feed Records, 2020) ***** By Cam Scott Vocalist Patty Waters is an icon of avant-garde jazz, in spite of her relatively slim discography. Discovered by Albert Ayler in the early sixties, her 1965 debut on ESP-Disk matches a set […]

​ By Sammy Stein Pat Moonchy is a vocalist who has performed across the globe as a solo artist and with various collaborators including Todd Tobias, Alfa Neu and more. She ran the alternative community hub, The Moonshine Pub until 2015 and her interest in art is integral to her persona and music. She has […]

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