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New TM Forum global industry survey of CSPs reveals 62% are now turning to ‘Network Lifecycle Automation’ (NLA) to help optimize 5G investments and achieve specific business outcomesParis, France – 20th September 2022 – Infovista today welcomed the findings of a new industry survey by TM Forum on the use and benefits of the automation

Datamatics Business Solutions wins the coveted UBS BPO Innovation Summit & Awards 2022 for the Best Place to Work and BPO Excellence 2022 along with recognition for Process Optimization. (1888PressRelease) September 20, 2022 – The 9th Edition of the UBS BPO Innovation Summit & Awards recognized and celebrated the value creation by BPOs for their

Gif: Trombone ChampI had seen screenshots of Trombone Champ earlier this week and thought it was some kind of Wii Music meme I’d completely missed. Now that I know it’s an actual game of its own, though, I am very glad I’ve had the chance to check it out.Developed by Holy Wow, Trombone Champ is

In its effort to remain family-friendly and woo advertisers, YouTube has often struggled to please its vast, diverse community of creators. It seems that the brand’s first-ever “Made on YouTube” event, held this morning, was an attempt to strengthen that relationship by showing creators how much YouTube cares about their work and revenue streams. Unfortunately

Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bank NA, part of Fifth Third Bancorp, a regional lender with some $207 billion in assets, has launched a new warehouse-financing arm that will serve independent mortgage bankers. The lender’s new warehouse financing arm will be led by Donnie Martin, who has more than 25 years of mortgage industry experience. Martin, Firth Third’s group head of

By Mark Hunter18 hours agoTue Sep 20 2022 10:47:29 Reading Time: 2 minutes Wazrix has copied Binance and delisted USDC and two other stablecoins The Indian exchange announced its intentions over the weekend This comes two weeks after Binance, which is affiliated with the exchange, did so Leading Indian exchange Wazirx has followed Binance’s lead

Welcome to the very first China Report newsletter! I’m Zeyi Yang, and every Tuesday I’ll bring you news about China’s technology industry. This week, let’s unpack recent actions on China from the Biden administration. Lately, President Biden has been getting busy with executive orders that are, without naming China, very related to China. In the

Liza Fisher is preparing for a busy day. In about an hour, her mother will drive her to a clinic, where she will receive IV fluids and iron treatments for her anemia. When the IV bag is empty, she’ll head to an adaptive gym, where she’ll don compression pants and take a class for people

The whistleblower also claimed that the bureau is artificially inflating the number of ongoing domestic-extremism investigations…

😂 yeah I was in a drive thru when I took the pic, probably coulda gotten a better one.But hey, that’s a tactic too

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