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Master Oogway is a four-piece Norwegian band made up of young, adventurous musicians intent on making high energy music based on a jazz-rock improv ethos. Earth and Other Worlds is the quartet’s second release, following on from their debut on Clean Feed Records in 2018. Strong group interaction mixes with spontaneous solo sketches to create […]

One thing I’ve noticed about Poland’s Marcin Wasilewski Trio is that the first track on their albums is always a stunner. “Trio Conversation/Hyperballad” from 2005’s “Trio”, “The First Touch” from 2008’s “January”, “An den kleinen Radioapparat” from 2011’s “Faithful”, “Austin” from 2014’s “Spark of Life” and “Spark of Life/Sudovian Dance” from their 2018 “Live” album. […]

With not much time at all having passed since BBE Records unveiled Volume 2 of Alex Attias’s LillyGood Party compilation, ‘A Taste of Chicago’ sees Jamie 3:26 transfer those glorious good times from the Swiss dance floors of the archetypal LillyGood experience to Chicago’s underground clubs in the late-1970s. A Chicago native himself, Jamie Watson […]

Grown is the latest from London-based quintet, Waaju, and sees the group expanding on their West African influenced world jazz template established on their impressive self-titled debut from 2018. Led by drummer Ben Brown, the group features Sam Rapley on saxophone, guitarist Tal Janes, Joe Downard on bass guitar and percussionist Ernesto Marichales. The first […]

As we enter another week of lockdown, the question ‘where was this album recorded?’, always an interesting one, takes on greater resonance. At the best of times music is made in the gaps between other, often more pressing, lives: family, gigs, hustling. It’s often the location that defines the music. House music, Garage music, Loft […]

Anything “solo” is a scary discipline. You are on your own. No excuses. Solo piano as a musical art form is overshadowed by its classical tradition, although throughout jazz history there have been numerous productions that come to mind as advocates of the “Solo Tradition”. Jarret’s Cologne Concert would probably be on top of that […]

‘Sketching the Unknown’ is the debut album from the Sokratis Votskos Quartet released through the UK’s Jazzman Records. Much of Sokratis Votskos’s music has been defined by his desire to use it as a means of exploring his own past and his own heritage while intertwining it with contemporary styles and compositions seeking to carve […]

“Totem” is the first album as leader from award-winning Italian bassist Ferdinando Romano. Alongside ECM trumpeter Ralph Alessi, the session features some of the most interesting new improvisers on the Italian scene; Simone Alessandrini (alto & soprano sax), Manuel Magrini (piano), Tommaso Iacoviello (flugelhorn), Nazareno Caputo (vibraphone / marimba) & Giovanni Paolo Liguori (drums). Explaining […]

Juan Saiz Trio’s Dr. BOBÔ project is an extension of the collaborative work of fellow Cantabrians; flautist/saxophonist Juan Saiz and percussionist Pedro Terán serving as what appears to be an outlet for their fusion, electronic and experimental explorations. The duo is joined by Antony da Cruz on electric bass. The album starts with “Obertura Dr. […]

Multi-percussionist, vocalist & composer, Kahil El’Zabar, has achieved much. He’s performed with musical greats (Pharoah Sanders, Lester Bowie, Archie Shepp, Dizzy Gillespie, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Nona Hendryx etc.), headed-up the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble, chaired the AACM, scored music for feature films, was knighted by the Council General of France (oooh Chevalier), and is also […]

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