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The Polish bass player was born in 1976 and is often credited with the current resurgence in jazz from his homeland. He has collaborated with Tim Berne, Tomasz Stanko, John Zorn and Pete Wareham. As well as performing he has composed music for film and theatre. He has released several albums since his recording debut […]

I stumbled over this fantastic voice way back in 1999 when his “Choose Love” album was recommended to me by the late Dean Johnson, and then nothing until recently. Whilst trawling through YouTube, I heard a number of tracks advertising this new album, then within a few days, I heard the very same tracks played […]

Born in Saudi Arabia, now living in London, guitarist Ant Law has steadily been making a name for himself over recent years, with his previous albums (Life I know, 2018 on Edition Records, Zero Sum World, 2015 on Whirlwind Records, and Entanglement, 2013 on 33Jazz) receiving very favourable reviews along the way. Law also plays […]

‘Happy Synapse’ is the sophomore album from St. Petersburg native and drummer Sasha Mashin, but here with a different group to his bandleader debut ‘Outsidethebox’ (2018), which was also released on Russian based Rainy Days Records. Here, the group consists of Josh Evans on trumpet, Rosario Giuliani on alto saxophone, Dmitry Mospan on tenor saxophone, […]

Inspired by the deep and lyrical collection of short stories by writer Junichiro Tanizaki, UK bassist Joe Downard makes his debut as composer and band-leader with this refreshingly innovative album. The music features a range of moods and dynamics, supported by soundscapes, analogue electronics and an energised acoustic septet featuring the composer on bass, Alex […]

‘Say The Word’ marks the new album release from the Bristol-based duo that make up The Allergies, released through Brighton’s Jalapeno Records, the DJ/production pairing of Rackabeat and DJ Moneyshot have established their passion for breaks-filled dance floor funk over the course of four albums since 2016, which in of itself is a staggering achievement, […]

Let’s face it, anything that makes you happy in these testing times has to be a good thing. This album brings a smile to my face. It warms the heart and reminds me of the good things in life. Over the last decade or so, guitarist Chico Pinheiro has become one of the leading lights […]

Gnawa and other North African musical styles flavour “Nayda!”, the debut of Moroccan-French group, Bab L’ Bluz. It’s the product of a meeting in Marrakech of lead vocalist Yousra Mansour and Brice Bottin. Brice plays the guembri, a three stringed instrument frequently played in Gnawa music and Yousra plays awicha, a smaller version of the […]

This recording from Finnish duo Freelektron dates from a 2016 performance at Tenho Restobar Helsinki. The duo are drummer Ilmari Heikinheimo and multi-instrumentalist Jimi Tenor. Heikinheimo plays acoustic and electric drums, percussion and triggers while Tenor plays sax, flute, microKorg and even photophone! The vinyl version of the album is released in a limited edition […]

Oiro Pena is Pentti Oironen’s, aka Antti Vauhkonen, solo, looped and overdubbed, spiritual jazz funbag. Or should I say it was? Since the last EP, Oiro Pena (a nickname bestowed upon Antti by drummer Aleksi Tanhuala) is no longer a solitary pursuit. It is growing into a small family unit with Keijo Koskenharju on bass/guitar/percussion […]

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