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The Discipline of Assent is the product of an epic jam session in early March this year at the end of a Causa Sui recording schedule. All this goodness was then tailored into these tracks with added studio effects, etc. The duo obviously consists of Jakob Skøtt, the drummer of the aforementioned instrumental psych-rockers Causa […]

I’m not sure what I can add to the incredible story that is George Jackson, one of the greatest writers, producers and singers to ever surface in the cavernous world of soul music. Far better scribes than me have waxed lyrical about this icon and provided every detail about his life. This is a historical […]

What strikes me about this re-release by Harry Beckett is just how unlike anyone else he sounds. His tone is simultaneously bright and sharp yet with an easy warmth, it’s allowing these contrasting forces to effortlessly coexist in his sound that makes his voice so unique. Beckett has performed with a multitude of other musicians […]

For those who may not be familiar with Walter Smith III here’s a little background. The soon to be forty-year-old saxophonist and composer is Chair of the Wood Wind Department at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. In addition to his teaching commitments, he regularly works with the likes of Eric Harland, Taylor Eigsti, Christian […]

Now aligned with Philadelphia’s Ropeadope Records, the dynamic jazz quartet Spirit Fingers release their new album ‘Peace’. Headed up by pianist Greg Spero, ‘Peace’ marks the second album from Spirit Fingers with their debut, self-titled project, released in 2018 through Shanachie, proving a strong success for the collective. And what a collective! Joining Spero on […]

The Dave Ingham Group is 10 years old this year. So, to celebrate, let’s unwrap “A Sea of Green”; a 33-minute presentation box of Ingham penned gifts, where the G (of DIG) consists of Ingham (saxes, bells, flute), Stephen Mynott (guitar), Vilem Hais (double bass) and Azzy King (drums, percussion). Opener “Upstream” is peppy, breezy, […]

‘Wachaga’ marks the new album release from the immeasurably talented Kutiman, hailed as an eclectic producer, multi-instrumentalist and filmmaker, Ophir ‘Kutiman’ Kutiel’s boundless talents have very possibly reached their pinnacle with the release of this – his fourth album – which has taken a staggering six years to come to fruition resulting in one of […]

Sensational. I looked up the meaning of the word and according to the Oxford English Dictionary it describes something sensational as being ‘very good indeed, very impressive or attractive’. Well, that’s a very typically understated English description if ever I heard one. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘Sense-ational: a startling barrage of […]

The Belgian collective, Compro Oro move further from the Latin jazz of their debut, “Transatlantic”, towards rock with their third full album “Simurg”. It’s a collaboration with Murat Ertel, frontman of legendary Turkish psych rockers, BaBa ZuLa and singer Esma Ertel, Murat’s partner. Recently the couple curated the excellent Uzelli Elektro Saz (1976-1984) compilation, which […]

Okay then “serendipity”, how come I hadn’t heard Hedvig Mollestad’s work before now? Having spent my teenage years in a state of constant Heavy-Metal-as-amphetamine stimulation, a guitarist who is categorised as “jazz-metal” or, more judgmentally, as a “jazzrock monster” AND has been blessed with adjectives such as “riffmeister”, “fierce”, “one mutha”, “powerful” and “fearless” should […]

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